"Things Are Not Always What They Seem" is a song sung thumb|right|400px|Sung by Venus Terzoby Patch in the episode Slumber Party when the main 7 are investigating Sweetheart's attic.


In the night shapes may seem fearful,

in the light they're much more cheerful,

things are not always what they seem.

When things bumb and clink and rattle,

don't go jumping into battle,

things are not always what they seem!

Half-asleep you hear a peep,

and leap to a conclusion,

all alone, you start to moan,

but it's only an illusion.

When the breeze makes curtains flutter,

and your knees feel weak as butter,

think "is it real or just a dream?"

You may need more information,

could be just your imagination,

things are not always what they seem, oh no,

things are not always what they seem!

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